Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

I'm a , Drupal addict and a single dad to a teenage son, two wonderfully irreverant dogs and a cat. If you had to ask me about my skill set, I'd tell you I'm an Object Oriented PHP developer with a Drupal addiction.

I've recently re-tooled my website to use Drupal 7 and a sub-theme of Bootstrap. I chose this over the previous Drupal AT theme because of the flexibility it allowed me for viewing the site on phones and tablets, as well as a full blown computer, all without me having to do the heavy lifting of figuring out which browser is hitting my site.

There's not really that much here, right now, but feel free to check out my resume and the 'about me' page. I've put up a few blog posts, mainly about strange things that pop into my head, and am starting a "library" of sorts on topics that interest me, at whatever point in time, that I feel are too lengthy for blog posts. Check those out under "Recent Articles". If you're feeling frisky, head over to the 'contact me' page, or give me a ring on the number below.

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