About Me

I have a teenage son, who is learning to drive, two of the most fantastically ridiculous dogs, and a cat who, when she meows, sounds like she's broken (she's not...she just came that way!). The current house is 650 square feet. You do that math! Actually, it's a bit by design; I've lived in both Costa Rica and Germany, where ideas about living space differ significantly from here in the States. More emphasis on usability and utility...oh bah, who am I kidding? I really just hate cleaning house!

I am quick to dive into any (computer-based) project and rip things apart, and often put them back together better than ever. I just might be related to Steve McQueen's doctors...unless the project revolves around power tools or car engines. Then, I'm more like a monkey doing a math problem (more than likely, the problem at hand won't be solved, and there's a high likelihood poo will be thrown).

I have an extensive background in user support and training, which, I feel, lends a new dimension to the development process. I am experienced in all major office suites (MSOffice, OpenOffice, Mac's Office Suite, and the like.), major open source web programming languages (HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP), major database types (Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, CouchDB, MongoDB), and major operating systems (Windows NT/XP/2000, Mac OSX, Linux - RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), project management and project management tools. I have backgrounds in Development, Training & Presenting and Proposal Writing experience.

I consider myself reasonably fluent in conversational Spanish and German. I speak pretty passable "restaurant" French, Italian and Portuguese. Never heard of a restaurant language? For example, "restaurant Italian" just means that a conversation is a little bit more of a challenge than ordering Spiedino di Mare coi cavatappi amatriciana at the local Carraba's. No...I won't order for you when we go out for lunch. The last person who asked me to do that got "Happy Birthday" sung at them in Italian and gelato dumped in their lap. The wait staff got a tip. (Bwahaha!)

I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Drupal.org and Google Plus.


P.S. I'm a Mac. And, yes, your Windows world scares me.