Netbeans 8 Doesn't Show Navigator Information for .module or .install Files

Recently, I updated from Netbeans 7.4 to Netbeans 8.0. No real reason, other than it was available. Upon updating I noticed that PHP function/method/class information wasn't being included in the Netbeans Navigator window.

After a bit of researching, I stumbled on the idea that, perhaps, the file extensions were not migrated during the upgrade. Here's how to do that on a Mac:

  1. Choose NetNeans > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Files
  2. Next to File Extension, choose New...
  3. Enter module for the File Extension.
  4. Select text/php-5 for Associated File Type (MIME).

Repeat for install. Close NetBeans and reopen. The Navigator pane will now display navigation information for those file types.