OSX Yosemite upgrade, Apache, Homebrew and PHP

So last night, being the release of OSX's Yosemite, I updated my company laptop. After checking that the programs I needed would open, I shut things down and went to bed. I did a few other things, spending the majority of my time mending a couple cushion covers on my couch, but the main thrust of the evening was watching the progress bar with bated breath.

This morning rolls around, I get out of bed, feed dogs, get coffee, go to my laptop, open my editor (NetBeans, of course), make a few changes to one of the projects I'm working on, open a browser and type in the local domain name...and nothin'. Crap. Apache updated. Since I'm restarting Apache, might as well run a brew update to make sure homebrew is up-to-date. Double crap. Homebrew is waaay broken. After a tip from a coworker on how to repair homebrew failed to produce results, I manually rebuilt the homebrew repo and thought I'd gotten through the worst of it. Until I realized that PHP was no longer set up correctly (xdebug is a must, and it was missing).

Fixing Apache was inspired by another comment from the same coworker. Upon restarting Apache, I was getting 403 messages for all of my local development domains. After ensuring that the permissions had not been changed on those directories, I added Require all granted to each of the <Directory /xy/z> directives in my /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf file. After restarting Apache, everything seemed fine.

After trying a few suggestions, updating brew, upgrading it and generally failing at homebrew, I came up with the idea of untapping all of the kegs necessary for homebrew/homebrew-php and seeing what brew doctor complained about at that point. ピンポン!That lead me to the following solution:

brew untap homebrew/dupes
brew untap homebrew/versions
brew untap homebrew/homebrew-php
brew tap —-repair
brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew tap homebrew/versions
brew tap homebrew/php
brew update

Notice that I did not re-tap homebrew/homebrew-php, but homebrew/php in stead. Re-tapping the original repository resulted in brew being unable to locate PHP formulae. A message from brew doctor after untapping everything lead me to the correct repo name. Hope this is helpful!